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Italy Tour 2012 Day 7
Wednesday, May 9th, 2012

Jeannie and Susan on the narrow trails

Hike Day! Although the weather forecast promised sun with a possibility of rain, we were not deterred. Armed with rain gear and our Cinque Terre national park and train passes, we headed over to the train station for a ride down to Riomaggiore. The Via dell'Amore, packed with walkers, was fun and beautiful. From hiking the open trails to hitching rides from the trains and busses to each town, everyone visited each of the towns, and were back in Monterossa for a wonderful al fresco dinner with friends.
on the train

Karla and Jeanne on the train

Gail dancing on the Via del Amore


Vernazza - 6 months after the flooding


Some of us just got gelato


Karla and Danielle



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