Packing Lite - Winter Edition

Thursday, January 12th, 2012
harriet uggs

Harriet can go from snow to desert in her UGGs. The colorful bag and scarf add fun to the ensemble

We love winter weather, but it does add greater challenge to our ability to pack light. Summer clothes do tend to be lighter, but never fear. Winter does not equate to 50 pound checked bags - unless you're bringing along your ski boots and equipment.

Start with your favorite jeans and black work out pants or leggings. Dark colors are great for versatility and hiding stains. We've even found some great fleece lined leggings for colder climates.

tamara in leggings

Tamara pairs her fleece leggings with a light weight, easy to pack dress, and La Canadienne waterproof boots that go from casual to dressy.

Add your favorite tanks and t-shirts. For a two week trip, we suggest two tanks, one black and one white, four long-sleeved, or ¾ length sleeved, t-shirts, black, white and two fun colors, and a couple of short sleeved t-shirts, one black and one white. Layering the t-shirts allows for different looks, without a lot of bulk, and they can be worn under sweaters to keep sweaters fresh.

Throw in 3 sweaters of different weights that can be worn over tanks and t-shirts. At least one should be a cardigan and two of them neutral colors that go with all the t-shirts. Most places nowadays tend to be casual, and you will shine at any but the most formal events with dark pants and a great sweater. If you have a dressy event to attend, rely on a basic black skirt, black tights, one of the sweaters and your boots.

judy in puffy coat

A puffy coat is essential for cold climates. Judy adds color with a great scarf.

To add color and texture, pack a couple scarves, maybe one lightweight scarf and one warm knit scarf.  All these cotton layers make accessorizing easier than ever. Keep your accessories simple but elegant. A pair of gold hoop earrings in any size or shape and a long gold chain to wrap twice or wear as a single long strand will take you anywhere, and not bulk up your carryon.

The heaviest issue for packing light in winter is shoe choice. Boots are a great option to keep toes and legs warm. Pick a style simple enough to be worn with jeans or your skirt and sweater combo.

shoes for packing

Unless you are going black-tie - all the shoes you need

Close-toed walking shoes are essential if you plan on doing some hiking or rigorous walking. If you can get by with your boots for your dressiest event, these two pairs should be all you need. Just remember to wear your heaviest shoes on the plane to keep the weight of your bags down.

Puffy coats in fabulous new fabrics keep you snugly warm on the coldest days of your trip and pack down to practically nothing. Also remember that the sun can be just as strong in the winter as in the summer, so pack the sunscreen and sunglasses.

With your cool winter mittens and fluffy scarf you are now ready to hit the chic après ski chalets, or wander the streets of Paris!

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