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House of garlic
Monday, April 11th, 2011
stinking rose
Since 1995, The Stinking Rose restaurant in LA has served up delightful meals that rely heavily on one ingredient: garlic. Whether it's 40-clove garlic chicken where the name warns of the potential garlicky-ness or the filet mignon that sounds innocent, but packs a big garlic punch, you will find the stinky rose in every dish they serve. Garlic has been called the stinky rose since antiquity, but no one knows why as the garlic plant is in the lily family, and not related to roses at all.

We weren't sure what to expect when we entered the stark white building sitting on North La Cienega Boulevard in Beverly Hills. What we got was a sensory assault. Garlic aromas hit us first, but the more shocking thing was the décor. Every wall is covered with garlic related art--many of them re-worked great master works with garlic prominently featured. Marble tables tented with striped fabric add intimacy for small parties while red banquettes and bigger tables provide lots of space for groups.

Garlic is the draw at The Stinking Rose-they use over 3000 pounds of garlic a month. We had the garlic braised boneless short rib with a perfectly cooked array of mixed vegetables and a porterhouse pork chop with sweet garlic relish, caramelized apples and garlic mashed potatoes. Everything was delicious, but we love garlic. Although I'm not sure why you'd want to do it, many of the menu items come in vampire-friendly versions. We passed up the opportunity to taste garlic ice cream with a caramel mole sauce because the portions are generous and we were stuffed. I understand that it's excellent.

If you're in Los Angeles or San Francisco, try the Stinking Rose restaurants-they're a treat for the senses. And in case you're worried about your breath, I've been assured that they give away over 3000 breath mints a week.
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