Like it! Fino

Tuesday, March 8th, 2011
My husband often travels to San Francisco on business. A few years ago when his favorite Italian restaurant there closed, he mourned. My kids and I were relieved when he found a new place he liked even more. This new restaurant, he told us, was so good that he had begun staying at the hotel attached to it.

When I accompanied him on a recent business trip to SF, we stayed at this hotel, the Andrews and ate at Fino, the small Italian place in the lobby. I expected old-fashioned, red gravy Italian served in a small dark paneled dining room.

A series of brightly painted dining rooms cut into the available space, Fino was a great surprise. The food was amazing and very reasonably priced. Attentive, professional wait staff serve deftly prepared northern Italian specialties with perfect seasoning.

While staying at the Andrews Hotel, I learned that my husband is not the only guest who eats every dinner at Fino while visiting San Francisco. Apparently, there are lots of Fino fanatics who've left their hearts in that dining room.

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