It’s Shoe Time in the Pub

Day twenty with the LBS
Monday, July 11th, 2011

Stones on Caradoc Hill

The Little Black Shoe was a perfect choice for the trip to Edinburgh. I never needed another shoe-not even my sneakers. Cobblestones in the castle were easy to manage as were the decks of the boat. They felt good during our hikes and looked great when we went out in the evening.

We returned to gorgeous weather in England and took advantage of the dry, warm day to hike Caradoc Hill. A Bronze Age hill fort and the promise of moderate hiking drew us to this trail. About two hours up and down, the path took us through meadows filled with sheep and to craggy outcroppings used by pre-historic warriors to protect their settlement. The shape of the fort, undetectable from the bottom of the hill, is easy to discern from the top.

The lanes near Andria's house are narrow

After dinner this evening, we made our way to the Royal Oak Pub in the small village of Cardington. My husband, Frank, joined local musicians in a caleigh, a music celebration. We had a great time. Twenty or thirty people sang and danced and enjoyed the music. There's a special community feel about a pub in full swing. We met interesting people who live nearby: among them a graduate student in American Literature, a prison guard, a lawyer, a retired rock musician, and a surveyor.

Claire and Frank in the pub

The pub scene has changed for many towns and villages. Small business owners who ran these family bars for generations have been closing or selling out to large corporations. An increased emphasis on profit and the ban on smoking in pubs have sent many drinkers home and away from the Cheers-like fun we enjoyed tonight.


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