Hey Good Lookin' Whatcha Got Cookin'?

Italy Tour 2012 Day 6
Tuesday, May 8th, 2012
Ready to cook
Our first full day in the Cinque Terre was bright and cheery - clear blue skies and full sun.  We started the day with a walking tour with our friend Kate Little through the old town and lemon groves to the cemetery towering high above the sea. Most of the oldest grave spaces are permanent, but up on top the plots are leased for a certain number of years. If the lease runs out or family members fail to pay, the bones of the deceased are moved to cheaper real estate.

Bruno who died at 80. remember the good times!

After our tour, Gianni from Il Ciliegio restaurant picked us up and drove us up the mountain for our cooking class. While we sipped on espresso and cappuccini, Rosanna and her assistant, Juan, led us through a homemade pesto lesson, showed us how to make stuffed anchovies and swordfish rolls and demonstrated sautéed swordfish with homemade salsa. After all that preparation work, our taste buds were quivering. We dined on our efforts al fresco, with wines produced by local winemakers, admiring the views of the town. After lunch, Rosanna and Gianni invited us to their home to see how Gianni makes his own wine using the old methods. They showed us a video Gianni made documenting the process so it won't be lost.

Pam in lemon orchard

The evening was free, and the weather still promised tranquility. We met our friend Paula for an aperitif at a local bar overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, who set up a quick boat tour for anyone interested in viewing the splendor of the 5 Terre cities from the water.  Gail, Jeanne, Patti and Susan jumped at the chance, and headed out to sea with Angelo.  After safely landing back on shore an hour and a half later, the group stopped for a quick bite of dinner before calling it a night.

Waiting to eat the goodies we helped prepare


Drinks with Paula

Angelo and Gail

Patti and Jeannie on Angelo's boat

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