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Company Cafe
Monday, December 26th, 2011
poster from company cafe
Those of us with gluten allergies or celiac disease are somewhat used to interrogating wait staff on what we can or cannot eat.  It's a totally different experience at Company Café in Dallas, Texas.  Gluten eaters may find themselves asking for the gluten version of things because pancakes, French toast and bagels are gluten free, unless you request the full flour version.

After GNG Karen R. found the Greenville Company Café in D Magazine's best new restaurants of 2011, she treated Judy to a gluten free birthday lunch.  Judy was so impressed that she dragged Tamara, GNGs Gail and Nell to the new Company Café on the Trail. We tried the loaded sweet potatoe fries, covered with cheddar cheese, applewood smoked bacon, green onions and jalapeños, and the sweet potato hash. Gail and Nell went for the breakfast pancakes (with gluten), while Tamara ordered the Caesar salad and Judy the East Side Tacos, three grass-fed beef tacos served on fresh non-genetically modified corn tortillas with organic spinach and diced Lemley's tomatoes.

at company cafe

Judy and Nell at the Company Cafe on the Trail

The waitress told us that almost all the ingredients are produced locally, although the maple syrup came from Vermont where the weather is more conducive to maple production. Everything is organic, and most items are gluten free.  We all agreed that everything we tried was fabulous - fresh and tasty.

Company Cafe is located at 2217 Greenville Ave, Dallas TX, phone 214-827-CAFE (2233). Company Cafe on the Trail, 3136 Routh, Dallas TX, 214-468-8721.


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