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Thursday, January 14th, 2010
haiti earthquake
In 1999, Good News Girlz founder, Harriet Gibbe was in Haiti on a mission trip. Struck by the poverty and lack of resources in the country, she and three friends returned home to create the Dallas Haiti Project (DHP). They've worked in Haiti for the past decade, supporting orphanages, schools, public health programs, education and women’s micro-entrepreneurship.

With the devastation caused by this week's earthquake, DHP has mobilized its contacts to help provide a safe method for donation. Donations will first provide short-term emergency relief and long-term support through our Haitian partnerships. DHP will initially direct emergency funds to Partners in Health (PIH), and Zanmi Lasante leadership. Via email, we know almost all PIH hospitals and clinics are in tact because they're located outside of the capital. The wounded are being directed to these clinics for care. For more information or to make electronic donations direct, please visit www.pih.org.

To donate by check, please send to:
Haiti Relief Fund
Park Cities Bank,

6829 Hillcrest
Dallas, TX 75205

Atten: Roni

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