Sis Blanchard


Sis Blanchard grew up in Atlanta, attended University of Georgia, and moved to Columbus, GA when she got married 46 years ago.  She has 3 sons and 8 grandchildren (5 girls and 3 boys). She enjoys spending time with the grandkids, especially at their place in the country where the guys fish and hunt deer, turkeys, dove, and ducks and the girls hang out. Sis loves to sit by the fire and read, listen to teaching tapes and have coffee and visit with whoever is around. She has also been teaching Bible classes for Teen Challenge for 15 years and to young couples and women for over 30 years.

Stories from Sis Blanchard

teen challenge 1
Wednesday, December 14th, 2011
Let me tell you a story about Carole.  She was a cute, outgoing, perky little girl who thought everyone was happy, for she found life to be satisfying and fun.  Then at age 10 her parents got a divorce, and all hell broke loose in her perfect world.  Life at home became strained and uncomfortable, and as she was shoved from one parent to the other she began to feel unloved.  She also carried enormous guilt because she believed all the confusion was her fault.
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